Electrical Technology

After diploma students can run their own business and can also get attractive jobs.

It is impossible to work without Electrical Technology. Almost all the fields of like Engineering itself, Medical, Commerce, IT etc. require Electrical Technology. In simple words the knowledge of the transfer of energy and its use is called as Electrical Technology.

Careers in Electrical Technology

After getting diploma is Electrical Technology you can get good jobs not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

Some of the job opportunities are:

  • Line Superintendent in WAPDA
  • Engineering technician in telecom sector
  • Sub Engineer in Power Generation Plant
  • Sub Engineer in Radio, TV, and other broadcasting organizations
  • Sub Engineer in Building and Health sector
  • Sub Engineer in Atomic, SUI Gas, NDC
  • Sub Engineer in Oil and Gas and Pakistan Railways
  • And many more fields in all over the world where electricity is being generated, transmitted, distributed, utilized and controlled.

During Lecture in Electrical Lab

During Lecture in Electrical Lab

During Lecture in Electrical Lab

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